Friday, December 10, 2004

Whatever happened to ...

Ohio Voter Suppression News? These citizens haven't posted in a week. And for that matter, what has happened ... pray tell ... to the recount efforts in general?

Maybe the moonbats have flown to Washington, where the Democrats are engaged in a second recount there ... this one a hand recount.

Maybe Ohio is counting at night, so the moonbats can watch? I don't know. Do they have to hold the card upside down so they can see? Doesn't the electoral college (presidential, not blog name change) meet this weekend any way?

I think the Democrats need to follow through with their pledge and fund this recount effort fully so every vote gets counted. It's about the process, you know, and not about changing the result.

Conspiracy theories die hard, but the Ohio Diebold/missing machine/Rove vote hack-o-tron/massive suppression/there-must-be-a-pony-in-there-somewhere one is going the way of the buffalo with not even a hint of a stampede. What does a bat stampede sound like any way?