Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Update ... Intruders evicted, site renovations continue at rapid pace

Worried about Goomba. His site still looks pretty grim. I sent an email, but no response yet. Will keep you updated. If any one knows what is up, let me know.

As for this site, renovations continue ...

But R .... ah ah ahhhhhh .... Almost slipped. More on that on Jan. 3 when I unveil some additional information re: myself and also a couple of new items on this here blog. Also coming on Jan. 3, I will explain what I am going to try to do with this thing in '05. Looking forward to it. It will be thrilling and chilling. You don't want to miss it. Want a little hint? Too bad.

Regarding the holiday schedule, for now ... I will tell you that I am off to a top-secret mission on Thursday and will not return back until late Friday p.m. Probably will lay down some truth on Sunday evening or so. Then ... Christmas message on 12/22 or 12/23. Then ... I am out of here until 1/3. You can leave comments for me when I return. I may check them in the meantime. But, I am going to give it a rest before we hit the ground running in '05. Sorry, I am not going to get a "guest-blogger" to cover your insatiable desire for DC material. (What do people think these blogs are with the guest blogging stuff ... the Tonight Show?) Besides, if it was a guest, it wouldn't be me, so ... Also, I pledge to not ever say "light posting". If I do, feel free to slap your computer.

All of this reminds me. I know there is news going on right now. We have the Kerik debacle. We have the continued assault on the American electoral system by the hard left. I realize Peterson got death this week. We have the continuing heroic fight by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. But remember this: This is not a news site. There is an information site, but this is principally and opinion and entertainment (mostly mine) site. Hopefully, there is some inspiration going on here, too. And there has been and will continue to be a blend of the serious and the not-so-dire. More on that on 1/3.

A couple of other items ...

I have been "dark" for a while, as my "Hello" program was on strike. Getting rather techno-savvy, I got it running again. So ... if you're good, maybe I will provide a pic and a caption or two.

What do you think of the new link line up? If I do say so myself, it is mighty fine. If you are looking for news, opinion, or humor ... look to your right and scroll on down. The entire universe is not there, but there is a nice representation of it.

I will get looking for a pic to show you. In the meantime, y'all be good.


P.S. Oh, here's a picture ... and a breaking news story: