Monday, December 13, 2004

This could be ... The End

I'm goin' in ... JR's given me the scoop on the template fix. Frontal assault against a fortified position. It's going to be ugly. Could be the end. Homeys, thanks for everything. American Warmonger, I was hopin' to see you grow up to be a conservative. Julie, you've been great. Goomba, I wanted to meet you in person, you genius freak. Pusillanimous Wanker, you're ... well ... a moonbat still. Humble Devildog, keep on marchin' but take it easy on the Catholics. Froggy, I'm sorry that Nader Ogre cost you the election. Cranky, you're not cranky. I love you, man!! No, I don't want your template. Dan, eat your greens, the vegetables, not the political party. All of you, I love you. If I don't make it out the other side of my template change, just remember, Daisy Cutter was once here. I was a mighty voice for the coalition of the winning. And Toe Cutter, keep those dogs clean. And ... vote for the Republican in 2008, I think. Wait a minute. What if it's McCain? Vote against Hillary any way. And the Ohio recount ... one last thing, I gotta say this to clear up my conscience. Them votes ... them 120,000 votes ... them are my votes. But too bad. The electoral college met today. Wait. I'm gettin' all verklempt and this is not that kind of site. Aw, I'm leavin' now. C'mon boys. You wanna live forever?!!!!