Sunday, December 19, 2004

Remember when ...

The election war was in full flower? Man, what a ride and what a tense time for the the world, the nation, and us bloggers. Thought about a couple of things this week that took me down memory lane.

The English on the "Art of Persuasion"

Read this nice quote from our friends at The London News Review:

The 2004 election means one thing for certain: great swaths of America are as DUMB AS F---. To dumb to live, let alone vote. You stupid, good-for-nothing, hick[s], sitting there in your stretchy trousers, wrapped in your stars and stripes, clutching at each others' fat hands and singing God Bless America while your blessed commander-in-[chief] sells the world for a quick buck. You whooping twits, sucking up the lies like mother's milk ... You deserve to die."

Now I feel bad for supporting the President. Oh, well. You know there is truth in every criticism. For instance, I am: 1) wrapped in my stars and stripes; and 2) a whooping twit.

If only ... if only ... if only ...

Remember when I postulated about the odds of this guy being a real difference-maker in election? What if he had been atop the ticket instead of Kerry? We'll never know. But if the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party has anything to say about it, we need to keep a sharp eye out for him in '08.

A remarkable post: "The Heart of America"

Showing his mettle as the Best Military Blogger, Blackfive posted
this email from a Marine gunnery sergeant in Iraq
. Thanks to Blackfive for this remarkable post about the remarkable heart of this remarkable land.

Press Conference on 1/3/05

With the election season behind us (I know, the Ohio recount is still ongoing, but humor me), I move toward a somewhat regular rhythm of life. And that will include this here (Texan = this) blog. More about that at my press conference on 1/3. I will cover it here -- or maybe Nickie G. will -- in case the cable networks don't pick it up.