Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Realignment begins ...

You will note some changes down at the bottom of the sidebar. Have added site meter, link-to-Daisy tracker (now I know somewhat who is out there and who "says" they are linking ... hmmm) ... EcoSystem stats (I am going to tweak the eco-system link, which still appears to not be working properly). All in all, though, I think the additions are pretty cool and they provide me with some helpful information. This you must know: I am not a geek. This stuff challenges me.

Some of the traffic is coming here from ... let's say ... "unexpected" sources. For example, it looks like some one stumbled over from a blog written in Arabic. Are those curse words? Will it harm my standing with Homespun Bloggers? I don't know. Just wondering. I took a stab at translating it with my Arab-English dictionary, and it looks sort of like, "Daisy Cutter?!!!? Ahhhhhh!!!! Run for your lives!!!!!" Can any one help translate?

And ... New linkage realignment analysis has begun. We will have a new cabinet and a new look going forward. It will have a lot of familiar old faces and friends, but ... you are definitely are going to see some new links on this site. Change is a constant in the blogosphere.

Voting has closed on the new blog name. The electoral college has not yet met, however, and the electors (me) can be bribed. If you would still like to vote, you can still vote, though. And then there's the recount. And the lawsuits. Keep hope alive.