Sunday, December 05, 2004

Props to and vote for Jeremy

My blogging friend Jeremy, a super blogger and a real energizer bunny in the 'sphere is up for "Best Essayist" in the Weblog Awards. I just went over and cast a vote for the lad from Virginia. I would like to encourage you to do the same. We know that Hanson is running away with this category, but that is not the point. This vote offers us the opportunity to help a pal ... and one who deserves it.

Jeremy has been a real help to me, teaching me HTML and providing many insightful comments and contributions at this site and others. He fancies himself a liberal Republican, and we would certainly not agree on every jot and tittle. But our friend Jeremy shrinketh not from the defense of this great nation's security. Indeed, he is a valued member of the coalition of the winning, and he worked his tail off to ensure that Pres. Bush was re-elected. He is an all-around great guy and team player. He seeks not only to be heard but to understand.

He served in the Navy, but I am willing to overlook this.

Jeremy is also an excellent and thought-provoking writer. I think this really sunk in when I saw his post on immigration. If you wish to be something other than a DC myrmidon, Jeremy has a nice summary of his various essays and will lead you by the hand to go vote for him at his site.

Also, I understand that he is preparing a summary post of what I have meant to his blog life. As of now, it is blank. Maybe he has completed it. I don't know. Ask him. If he has completed it, then don't vote for him.

By the way, Jeremy (in true Jeremy form) has voted for just about every option on the table in the New Blog Name election. Check out his comments below. He has voted for "whatever dude" to about five other selections. He is not hip on American Warmonger II, though. He has thus turned Virginia into a toss-up state. I thought only that little Demo cheerleader Zogby (any body heard from that li'l miscreant lately?) could do that.

Okay ... now that Jeremy has grabbed the headlines ... Make sure you read the post below, too, for my thoughts on the Weblog Awards in general. And vote for Jeremy. I taught him everything he knows. Anchors aweigh.

Update: Another reason to vote for Jeremy

Check out Jeremy's comment to Moonbat2:
Daisy, need some help rooting out moonbat2 from his anonymous cover? Lend me the IP and I'll tell you at least where he/she/it is hiding. Possibly a phone number and street address as well.Confess now Mr. Moonbat II. We have ways of making you talk! (Heck, just look at Zell Miller. Look what we did to him!) Note: all of this is in good jest if you couldn't figure it out.
For those who have read American Warmonger through the election season, you know that Jeremy actually located a troll hiding under a rock in Japan. No word from MB2 since Jeremy got loose with the comment above.