Thursday, December 02, 2004

Nominations for New Blog Name

Okay, I am taking nominations for new blog name. Here are some of the creative entries already in the ring:

Pusillanimous Wanker III (kudos to American WarCentrist for this one)
American LoveMonger
Goomba Rhymes with (and looks like) Poomba
The Artist f/k/a Daisy Cutter
American Warmonger II f/k/a Daisy Cutter
The Blogger f/k/a Daisy Cutter
The Right Wing Nut Job f/k/a Daisy Cutter
The Fundamentalist Fanatic f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Toilet Pundit
The Threat to Democracy f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Albert Tobefired Butstillblogs
Moderate Nomore
The World's Greatest Enemy f/k/a Daisy Cutter
The United Nations Official Blog
The United Nations Official Blog f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Republican Underground
Cyber Aneurism
Libs R. Scum f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Link Toomey
The Int' Red Cross's Chief Violator f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Australian Toe Jam
Cranky Old Con
Cranky Old Con Man
Cranky Old Con f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Moon Batpoison
Daily Kos II
Daily Kos II f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Daisy Kos (imagine the horrah of Moonbats looking for Kos and stumbling upon .... ME!!!!!!! (cue Vincent Price laugh)
Daisy Kost Kutter
Daisy Kos Gard Kutter
The Last Great Hope for America f/k/a Daisy Cutter
World Hunger Relief Now!! f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Atomic Bunker Buster f/k/a Daisy Cutter
Progressive Blog Digest II f/k/a Daisy Cutter

Okay, that's enough for now. What's your vote? Or ... none of the above?

Update: Goomba and the soon-to-be-linked Humble Devildog have stalled the momentum for a new name. I appreciate the comments. Keep 'em coming.

Note: We have some brave moonbat commentators (fake/no email) who apparently followed me over from my NON-ANONYMOUS and non-troll-like (you know, typical DC stuff ... funny, insightful, no foul language, true) comment at the Daily al Qaeda. Nice people. Fortunately, we don't have to rely upon such citizens to smoke out and destroy the enemies of America.