Friday, December 10, 2004

Naked partisanship ... albeit noble

Okay ... a few thoughts on voting in the Weblog Awards ... now watch those polls go wild.

American Warmonger -- We have already got our boy Jeremy up to about 9th ... not bad. Vote for Jeremy, because even though he's a conflicted "moderate", on nat'l security he is right on and he blogs like a madman. Great blog friend. Already raising funds for recount, to ensure integrity of the process.

Cranky Neocon -- Gordon seems mired in third place in his category (best of the top 1000-1750) but he linked me. He didn't link me under the "Titans", but I'll take it. And ... he is to be linked as part of the massive renovation that will soon be underway at the site. So, vote for him. Seriously, he has a dang funny blog, even though he fights like a girl. And not only is it funny, there's actually a point to it all. Imagine that. Even though he may fall short in the first go around, Gordon is in recount range, at any rate. Gordon, let me know if you need me to help you with the electoral college.

Ogre's Politics & Views -- Ogre is a former Marine, so I am voting for him. Marines are not known to show naked partisanship, but in this case ... Ogre is a future link, too (with New Year renovations). Ogre is a little gruff and he thinks I'm a moderate, but he's a good guy. Plus, he looks to be in a position to be a 2000-Nader for ol' Froggy, who has climbed to a very close second, clearly close enough to steal the election with a hand recount.

A word about Froggy ... a great blog and worthy of a vote. For those who don't know, this former Navy Seal also served a tour in the USMC. However, Froggy fell off the pedestal when I learned that he left the Marine Corps to join the Seals because his USMC recruiter lied to him. What?! Say it isn't so. Recruiters lying? Hahahahahahahahahhahaha!!! ... Whooo!! That's a good one. Those guys are paid to lie. C'mon, Froggy!! Even lawyers claim that they are technically not supposed to be lying, but recruiters are paid to lie.