Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Mystery Solved ... Moonbat feces found in Daisy's template

Well, it appears that we had a moonbat visitor to the template. Details below ...

But first, I want to thank all who helped ... and apologize to Sherry for rushing off to battle without properly saying goodbye. But I am back. I have awarded myself a "Template Action" Ribbon.

Thanks to JR, Dan, Jeremy ... All of you helped me get there. The problem originated with the Fresco site that lists referrers. Note that it is gone. I would suggest you stay away from this thing at all costs (in spite of the obvious benefits) because ... large links can jam the side bar, like mine was. In addition to Fresco's large link problem, if you are signed into your dashboard, ANY ONE (I repeat ANY ONE) can get into your template ... and wreak havoc ... and even post by clicking on the "No Session -- Redirecting". The horrah.

It is very obvious that some bats flew into the Cutter. I had to go in and smoke 'em out myself. I tracked them by following the little pieces of bat crap they sprinkled all over the Cutter template. Very cute, fellas. I realize you could have done more ... but I can, too. Thanks for helping me with my HTML and just generally learning how to be a bigger pain in your little bat hineys. Listen, when you are as small as you people are, you have hineys. You better get your licks in now, because I am going to have my own military in '08.

If you noticed, in addition to the semi-colons they sprinkled about, the 'bat(s) also took out the graphics on my link buttons. They seemed in particular to not like the Milblogs button. Go figure.

For operational security, I can't reveal completely how the mystery was solved. However, I can tell you that I actually pulled the Rove hack-o-tron out of the trunk of my car (recall that I covered southern Ohio with it), then pointed the blessed device toward the holy city of Austin ... a couple of chants and pulls on the lever and ... Voila ... Template good as new.

Hey, incidentally, did y'all know that the Ohio electors met today?

Update: As of midnight PST, Goomba's site appears that it may have been struck, as well. In fact, it looks like a dirty bomb went off over there. Let's hope we hear from Nickie G. soon ...