Friday, December 03, 2004

Matt Damon: He likes Shakespeare's work because it is "dense"

Just heard the above nugget on Laura Ingraham's show. Matt and his crowd are enlightened, you see. But I digress ... My focus remains the name of this here blog (that's Texan for "this blog"). Catfish has weighed in favor of the status quo as well. Being a homey (Note to J. Carville fans: That's not a "homo"), C-fish's opinion carries a lot of electoral votes.

So, please continue to weigh in (even you cowardly little moonbats firing off anonymous shots at the great DC from your little blue caves). Vote below. I am taking it all in. Not sure when the electoral college meets, but I understand that that there is massive fraud in the process any way and that the whole deal is just basically rigged. (I am hacking the votes and sending in my own comments to steer the process to the desired result, but ...) That's why I am collecting money for a recount. Not to change the result, just to make sure that all of your votes are counted. it's all about the process, not the result.

Tip for voters: Voting by limerick carries more electoral votes than Ohio, Florida, and Texas combined.