Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Heavy Heart today ...

for the troops, contractors, and other people killed and injured by the latest cowardly attack in Mosul by the enemies of civilization. This latest terrorist attack was launched on unarmed troops ... in a CHOW HALL?!!?!!!! These cowards can't look an American fighting man in the eye and live, and they know it.

I see that the perpetrators claim to represent some form/brand of Islam and indeed that this murder was committed in the name of Allah. Are we now so calloused that we don't see the absurdity, outrageousness, and incendiary nature of such a claim? If Allah indeed sanctions such acts, then who would want to know or follow him any way? Wouldn't eternity in hell be better? Oh, I forgot the payoff, but may I ask: What kind of moron believes that you get 72 girls at your disposal for your personal pleasure for all eternity if you kill an American? And by the way, what do the women suicide bombers get? I don't recall any provisions for them in radical Islamic teaching. Are you kidding me?! Is this still planet Earth?!

Am I upset? You better believe I am upset.

Why? Because some one's son or daughter won't be celebrating the holidays and the rest of their family will be grieving instead ... Because some Iraqis who were just trying to get on their feet, to live their lives in peace and have a better life than they did under Saddam, are dead. Their crime was wanting a better life, and their punishment was death ... Because some people serving food to our troops, working hard, sweating, dog-tired but performing honorable labor, people who have family and friends and people who care about them ... they are dead. Gone.

There will be no 72 virgins for any of the foregoing, though. For to the murdering despots who now threaten worldwide civilization, all of the foregoing are "infidels" unworthy to live -- the Christian, the Jew, the non-conforming, freedom-seeking Muslim, indeed every person who does not view the world through the psychotic lenses of radical Islam.

And where's the world outrage? Oh, some will question America and our policy in Iraq, for sure. But how many will talk about the real menace to civilization, much less do something about it? And where is the Muslim outrage? How many Muslims died in the Mosul murders? Have you seen the NY Times' editorial condemning this dastardly act? Where are Democrats other than Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman talking about the evil that we face?

Events like these reveal existence of and indeed the reasons behind the deep ideological divide here at home and abroad.