Saturday, December 04, 2004

Flash: Moonbat2 & Daisy in Peace Accord!! People dance in streets of Kiev!

Moonbat2 extends same gracious apology as DC. See post and comment thread below. Applying Wikipedia definition, MB2 concedes that Daisy not troll. Daisy acknowledges that MB2 not troll. "Warm" internet embrace ensues.

MB2 welcome (as are trolls, by the way, if for nothing but for the sheer entertainment) to offer opinions as "loyal opposition". MB2 ponders giving up anonymous standing, thus risking killer posts and emails from DC ... posts/emails that very well may alter MB2's thinking, and others (cue V. Price laugh).

Update: Actual moonbat sighting. Bill's got the scoop. Hat tip to our friend Sherry for pointing it out

MB2, take the stand and swear that you were not there. I've got trial lawyers waiting to question you.

Blog name voting update: Voting may close soon. Will close when I say it does. Electoral college meets when I decide. And I am all of the electors. But ... I do value your opinions. Keep 'em coming. I continue to have a soft spot for limericks. The Carnivorous Conservative, one of the coolest guys in the 'sphere and a blogger friend who has really helped me at this site, has weighed in for no change. Thus, in this shocking development, all of NJ's electoral votes go in the "no change" column.

However, a change-minded limerician could still take this thing the other way. So, stay tuned.

And ... I am going to get to the "Voter Fraud" story (re: the Weblog Awards, of course), but probably not until late tomorrow p.m. Christmas (sorry MB2) ... er holiday ... decorations to put up, you see.