Sunday, December 05, 2004

Finally ... U.S. voter fraud that changes a result

Well, leave it to the left to show us voter fraud, as in "how to" ... Man, I was all set to comment today on some angles of the 2004 Weblog Awards that I thought others were missing, and then I hear that the Kos Krowd (yes, some of the very same people who are greatly offended by my harmless rants about many of them being raving, barking moonbats) has been cheating/hacking their way to a Kos victory in the Weblog Awards. The levels of pettiness and moral vacuousness to which such troubled souls will stoop is amazing. On one level, the awards are just a recognition of bloggers who are trying to promote their work in their corner of the blogosphere. So, who cares? Right? I don't agree. After studying the effort put into the awards project by Wizbang's Kevin Aylward and seeing the impetus behind the awards, the cheaters' efforts are really maddening.

Excellent coverage of the Kos Krowd's cheating exploits is found at Power Line and at Wizbang itself. Power line followed up today with a nice post, in which the the Kosite offenders as described as "morally speaking, shrivelled runts of men". Ouch. Was that troll-like commentary? Surely it must offend. But read the post. There's a point in there somewhere.

My modified take on the Weblog Awards

A few days ago, I was a little put out at all the self-promotion on the part of certain bloggers (many of whom I read and respect) who seemed a tad bit too preoccupied for my taste with encouraging their readers -- people nice enough to stop by in the first place -- to vote for them in the awards. Being a mite simple, I am now beginning to understand, however, how the Weblog Awards can help a blog get notoriety, traffic, ultimately influence and then maybe even revenue. So, I am okay with the self-promotion. Heck, maybe I will be in a position to do it some day. But still ... let me just say ... some are a little over the top. And the really biggies (I guess their balloon is already blown up, so to speak) are not doing it.

But here's what I really want to say ... The only thing that separates a lot of the really great blogs out there from fame and fortune is simply getting noticed. A good many of today's blogging leaders are also the best marketers on the web. So, let's hear it for the blogging talent that needs to get recognized ...

Essayist ... How is it the Weblog Awards without this guy being nominated? However, I see that our friend and all-around great guy and super blogger Jeremy was nominated in this very tough category. Great job, Jeremy. More on you later ...

Humor ... What about him?

And how about our pal the Carnivore? He should be up for something. If there ain't an award, we need a category.

I could go on ... The point is: Let's follow Kevin Aylward's example and see to it that the good blogging talent gets recognized. And let's also prevent the crazies from hijacking the efforts to recognize and promote good blogging talent.

We all rise as we help each other. Blog on.