Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Daisy sends Liberal Republican Delegation to negotiate formal treaty with Moonbat2

In another shocking turn of events, DC peace delegate Jeremy offers to set up blog for Moonbat2. MB2, clearly stunned, has yet to respond.

Sources said critics of the move were murmuring that American Warmonger was pandering for Weblog Award votes, flip-flopping on the critical issue of taking a firm stand against Moonbats. No comment yet from Jeremy. However, in typical liberal Republican fashion, Jeremy is expected to blame conservative Republican Daisy Cutter for the whole mess.

Coming Soon ...

Just received some insight/commentary from a source that has something to say about Jeremy's comments about DC. I just went over to vote for Jeremy, and I see that, although he is still polling very Bednarik/Cobb-like, he has risen from 14th to 12th. Clearly, the Cutter influence is at play. And remember, Jeremy, there is always the recount ... not to change the result, of course, but to protect the integrity of the process.

Stay strong. And ... vote Cranky, as well. Dude fights like a girl and still hasn't linked me ... but it's the right thing to do ... today, that is.