Saturday, December 18, 2004

By the way, Nickie's new web address is ... He's got some very Goomba-esque stuff up already. I have no idea how he gets the press conferences, but he is really on the ball.

I am back but it's a crazy holiday weekend around here. Time to get limbered up and start making that Christmas list.

Maybe I will put some more light-hearted stuff up Sunday evening. It's the holidays, so I am having some fun. I will save the serious stuff and resulting consternation until after the New Year.

I see that Julie is up and running. Not surprisingly, she is posting some good, very Julie-esque stuff. Julie always has interesting things to say and she tells a great story. She knows we may not always agree, but we -- and Al Franken-- say "that's (pregnant pause) okay". Because we're friends. See, we right-wing-nut-jobs can be inclusive and have a heart, too.

Oh, the picture? This is a mug shot of the hackers that attacked my site last week and destroyed Goomba's and set his computer on fire. They were apprehended late last night. They were found camped in front of their TV waiting for Keith Olberman's show to come on. Actually, these dudes are from some psycho rock band. I think they're called the "Recount 5". No, but really ... Thanks to Gordon for turning me on to the Re-C 5.