Friday, December 03, 2004

Breaking: In gesture of friendship and brotherhood, trolls accuse Daisy of being troll.

Anonymous moonbat trolls (which are welcome here ... we have open borders) have knighted Daisy as a supreme Kos troll. More on that in a minute. But first ...

Voting continues on a potential new blog name. However, for those favoring change, another heavy hitter (JR the Homey) has voted and given Texas' electoral votes ... again ... for no change. And JR even chimed in a with limerick, albeit a lame one by Texican Tattler standards. But we have doubled the total electoral votes nonetheless. I am tallying them myself and hacking in when necessary to guide this thing to the proper result, so we don't have current tallies. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Anonymous Moonbat Troll has commented in the New Blog Name thread below that it thinks that I am a troll. I appreciate its offer of brotherhood/knighthood, but let's examinine the charge. First, let us consult the Wikipedia definition of "troll". A "troll" is defined as either:

1. A person who makes posts (on newsgroups or other forums) that are solely intended to provoke responses from others, or to cause annoyance or offense; or

2. A post that is intended to incite controversy or cause offense. (Many posts may inadvertently cause strife as collateral damage, but they are not trolls. (emphasis mine)

Daisy's brilliant Kos post analyzed for "troll" characteristics

My recent post at Kos addressed the confirmation of Pres. Bush's approximately 120,000 vote victory in Ohio after the counting of the approximately 155,000 outstanding provisional ballots. Here is the post:

"These numbers show what really happened. It is time to recount. Recount now!!! Recount!!

“Every body ... on three ... one, two, three ...

“Moonbats: BARK!!!

"In all seriousness, the Miami paper has shown exactly what happened in Florida, and Nader's NH folly was shown to be just that ... folly.

“Do you hard-lefties really love party more than country? If so, it's going to be a long half-century for you.”

I guess I could have said, "Aw shucks, fellers (Texan for fellows), cain't we justa get along now?" But let me ask, do you think there was a point to the post other than to offend? Indeed, the point I was trying to make to our friends at Kos (and let me just say that not all of them over there are the Recount Lunatic Fringe) is that all of the conspiracy theories are being discredited at a rapid pace and that efforts to turn Ohio 2004 into Florida 2000 will further alienate an electorate already alienated from Demos. Don't believe me? Look at how glistening red that Florida is in 2004. Truthfully, I am not really concerned that the Demos undermine their electoral chances. However, I am concerned that their win-at-all-costs mindset ultimately undermines Americans' confidence in the integrity of the nation's institutions as a whole.

Let me just state the following for the record: I have never written a post to annoy or harrass. I am certain that my conservative opinions by their very existence do cause wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Left. But, that's okay, and that's their problem. "This ain't beanbag", as the genius architect of campaign-finance reform has frequently told us. Find me an insulting, profanity-laden post of mine and I will offer my apologies on the offended site.

Daisy content explanation insert -- Note: If you are a dour, humorless Leftist ... you may mistake comments, political discussion, even good-natured ribbing, as vile, personal attacks. Again, this is your problem. Get help, if necessary. A clinic is now open for your assistance at Tell Nickie I sent you.

Bottom line: The Left has got to come to grips with the fact that there are a lot of people in this country who don't agree with them and are not going to stand by and take it. Deal with it. It's part of the perils of a free society.

Daisy's Version of the Troll Brotherhood

Now, as for what I would consider a troll ... Please note the following anonymous responses from various moonbats regarding my new name poll:

"How about Cons R Scum ... Up Yr Moms Ass"

Here's another nice one:

"I'm thinking "Pathetic ramblin's of a immature child".

Nice, huh? Man, nominate these humorists for the Blog Awards. And let me just say, I am raising an immature child, and I don't appreciate that last one. In all seriousness, these comments aren't funny, and they appear to match the "troll" definition. Yet, the same folks want to put me in the club. I know I am a simpleton, but I don't understand. Help me here.

But really, to the the liberals of good will, I would say: Join in the debate and fun. And don't take yourselves ... or others ... so seriously. If we conservative right-wing-nut-jobs are so wacko, then by God don't let us run/ruin your lives. Have fun. Get after it. Engage in the debate. Visit this site and others and take us on. Tell us where we are wrong. Smile. Live. Love. Laugh. Grow. Pray. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you off.

But watch out. You might become one of "us" in the process. (Cue Vincent Price laugh.)


P.S. Coming soon ... Fraud at the Blog Awards .... Exposed!!!!

Update ... breaking:

Anonymous Moonbat2 replies (see comments) deep from the recesses of the blue netherworld: He admits that fellow Moonbats have engaged in troll-like behavior on this very site. No moonbat trolls are identified, however. Further, no apologies are extended. Negotiations continue. (See DC's excellent retort in comments.)

Additionally, Moonbat2 objects to Daisy's accurate charge that some Moonbats put party before country. Heck, even JFK conceded, but the Moonbats press on. "We should apologize to the Ukraine, etc." Blah, blah, blah. If the truth fits ... a troll isn't it, or something like that. There's some trial lawyer lingo, for you.

Update 5:20 p.m. CST ... Moonbat2 appointed as Moonbat Ambassador ... Makes bold move for peace:

Yes, it is true. Negotiations have yielded fruit. Moonbat2 disclaims Moonbat status, yet fails to adequately explain moniker. Offers no apology. DC thaws ice, stating that no apology required as Moonbat2 and other such miscreants are mere anonymous, ideological gnats. Maybe that didn't thaw things, but ... Moonbat2 offers to apologize for all trolls appearing on this site in a gesture of extraordinary sacrifice and propitiation, provided that Daisy apologizes for all trolls ever appearing on Kos. Seems like an even trade to DC.

Thus, Daisy apologizes: I hereby apologize for every one who has ever appeared at the Daily Kos and hurt the feelings of the very sensitive, feeling, caring and loving .... wild-eyed, barking moonbats that often frequent that site.

DC now awaits reciprocal apology and also ... Moonbat2's proof that it has entered (on behalf of all DC trolls) troll 12-step recovery program.