Saturday, December 04, 2004

Australia Votes: No Change ...

Toecutter votes absentee, but the vote arrives in time. After all, I decided that the votes count. Thus, all of Australia's electoral votes are in the "No Change" column. (I am still trying to figure out how to count ... if I decide "No Change", probably will be based upon land area).

With the help of good blokes like T-Cut, DC will eventually blow up Down Under. DC loves Australia. I am going there some day. I shall. Maybe I will tour the country and be mobbed by adoring fans and live-blog the whole way? Then again, maybe I will wake up and go to work on Monday. Oh well. But, this we know: Australians love freedom and they love America.

Speaking of sham elections ... did you see that pouty face on Putin the other day when he decried the "dictatorial" nature of American foreign policy? Does he have a problem with "dictatorial" leadership now? I wonder if the frown had anything to do with his crony's fraudulent election being overturned in the Ukraine, and U.S. backing for same. Putin is hard to figure. Seems he may need another ride in the pickup in Crawford.

Speaking of shams, those of you who don't like the way the "Name Change" election comes out, remember there is always the recount.

Want more sham polls? The Longhorns look to be frozen out of the BCS. This is wrong. Recount now. I hear that Baylor and Rice are raising money for a BCS recount. No official word from Texas yet as to the Longhorns' position on the recount. Developing ...

BCS Update: Apparently Baylor and Rice make an impact, as Texas moves ahead of Cal for Rose Bowl berth. In a classy move, Cal's QB whines that Texas coach Mack Brown is "classless" for lobbying for votes for his team ... which would drub the living pee-waddly-doo out of Cal if given the chance. Cal gets what it deserves -- a game against Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl -- for needing a blocked extra point to propel it past Southern Mississippi. Cal was lucky to win that game for sure. Memo to Cal: Tech passes a hair better than Southern Miss.

But Cal's arguments ... and Auburn's as well ... underscore the need for voting reform in college football. Thanks to all of the socialist former UT students and Daily Kos readers who hacked into the BCS computers and propelled the Longhorns past Cal.

Australia threatens to steal Blog Name Election

Eschewing the land area method, My Australian cousin has put forth the "beach method" (Australia has more than 7,000) for tallying electoral votes. This could turn out to be a shrewd method, or the Aussies could be overwhelmed by DC's Minnesota readers, who are advocating the "lake method". Stay tuned.