Monday, November 08, 2004

What it all means: The Cutter Coalition Rules

Well, just about every one has chimed in by now on what the President's re-election means. I must say, I have got to stop reading the Demo self-flagellation pieces. I am enjoying them too much. As each day passes, they add more venom. It seemingly takes very little time for things to return to normal.

And let me say a word to the conservatives that want to help the Democrats by telling them to go to the center and stop being Leftist madmen: Stop. You are wasting your time. Let them go. They are going to go there any way. Evan Bayh, Bill Richardson, and Joe Lieberman have proven that they don't have chance nationally with the Demos. Centrist Demos are out of the mainstream. Accept this fact.

Studies by our crack research department here have shown that people don't like the lengthy posts, so I will focus on being pithy in putting this together. Here are my thoughts:

The Winning Coalition: Security, Culture, Liberty

The Republicans have become a majority party by emphasizing the above three themes. In this election, security and culture were paramount, while liberty (primarily due to increased spending by the Bush Administration) took a secondary role. As long as Republicans can keep the security, culture, and liberty wings happy and involved, the Demos' numbers will continue to shrink. As long as security is at the forefront, Demos are especially in trouble.

A quick word about culture: I am a cultural conservative. However, this election to me was first and foremost about national security. Without security, our culture debates can quickly become theoretical. The MSM and other liberals so misunderstand why cultural conservatives came to the polls in droves. The gay "marriage" issue was a factor, but there was much more out there: partial birth abortion ... embryonic stem cell research ... Kerry's pandering on issues of faith ... etc. The MSM thinks it is about just gay rights, but it is much more.

The Left declared this "Culture War", too, with its in-your-face advocacy of anything-goes morality and Christians-are-idiots theology. This has continued post-election. Again, don't expect them to change. This is their creed. Thus, as the jihadis sealed their doom by waking America on 9/11, the Left will spiral further into irrelevance with its attack upon traditional values and faith.

Caveat: Our coalition has to be tolerant and flexible ... if not, we're Democrats

Another quick thought: Each member of the security/culture/liberty coalition has got to be tolerant of the others. This is what separates the Republicans from the Demos ... i.e., you can't be pro-life in the national Democrat Party. Republicans need to continue to tolerate dissent, as long as it is respectful. That is, if some one is so pro-abortion that he or she can't suffer those of us fools who are pro-life, then said person is a Democrat.

And ... for those Christians who seek perfect candidates, let me remind you that perfect candidates are like perfect churches: If you find one, don't join it. You'll ruin it. If you insist upon perfection this side of heaven, then vote for an imperfect third-party candidate or do the functional equivalent -- throw your ballot in the trash.

Other lessons learned and myths debunked ...

First, the President won, in spite of an unhinged, pro-Kerry onslaught and a year-long Bush bash. The war clearly didn't proceed as planned. The Demos ultimately had more money. Kerry did well in the first debate. But the President won by 3.5 million votes. How? As Maha pointed out today, the President ran a conservative campaign and the Republicans turned out the vote. This is why we won.

And also ... besides the Redskins' deal (who believes this stuff, any way ... people in D.C.?), we can finally say "good night" to the ol' Demo stand by: "You Republicans better pray for low turnout".

And ding dong, the MSM is dead, or at least defanged. Can you imagine the influence of the blogosphere in '08? Plus, remember that there are large swaths of America (mostly rural) where internet access is sparce. Yes ... it could get much worse for the MSM and their candidates. Also ... the country and electoral votes continue to migrate from blue to red. It won't affect the '08 election, but 2012 ... yes, indeed.

Perhaps most importantly ... and we are seeing the results of this right now ... lots of jihadis will personally test the "72 virgins" theorem over the next four years. Recall that the Bush Administration only fought this war for 3/4 of its first term, and 3/4 of al Qaeda is gone. With four years, the future looks promising indeed.

And finally ... Hillary in '08. This will be good. I am building my defensive positions right now. And whistling while I work.