Friday, November 19, 2004

Rev. Hughes is a fraud!

I just had to get that off my chest. Okay, heading out of town this weekend to MC a retreat ... "How We Hacked our Way to Victory in '04 ... and Using our Computers to Create a Super-Majority in '08" ... Just kidding, but I am MCing a church retreat this weekend. Will be a blast. I will miss my computer and you, though.

Here are a few items to mull over and .... take action as appropriate:

1) Check out Hugh Hewitt's expose and campaign to get Target to come correct on Salvation Army kettles, which have been inexplicably banned from Target stores. Hugh has info up on how you can contact Target. I have contacted Target and would encourage you to do the same. The Salvation Army is a super organization that makes a tangible difference in the lives of people in need. I know, people like me only care what you are doing in your bedroom, but humor me.

2) Re: the tin foil hat Ohio recount brigade, check out this. Tip o' the cover to Bill in DC. The Leftists who denigrate our system for raw partisan purposes may need to rely upon the integrity of our system some day. They don't care. It's all about their current partisan adventure.

3) Re: the young Marine who put two security rounds in the head of a jihadi feigning death, see the email from his comrade. The mitigating circumstances need not even be explained, says Froggy. Bottom line: Terrorists fighting inside a mosque and not in military uniform are outside the protections of the Geneva Convention. Our troops are in a difficult bind here and should only be disciplined if they do not follow their rules of engagement. No evidence of that. Real, real bottom line: NBC should not be following our troops in Fallujah. War is ugly.

4) Speaking of Fallujah ... check out this email I got from our friend Gaye Hager, of Aging Divas for Bush:
I ran across a blog early this week that really got me riled up by one of the articles posted on the site. I responded, got into a pretty heated dispute with the guy and in my last comment posted some facts about John Kerry that no one could dispute; however, they were contrary to all his beliefs, so he removed all my comments from his site, which is his right to do. However, something about the photograph that was posted with the article kept nagging me, so I checked it out this evening and I believe it is a “doctored” photo. Check it out (American Muckraker) at the article titled, Fallujah Body Count. The children shown in the photograph are bandaged from some injury, dispelling the idea that they were injured or killed by the Americans shown in the photo. I saved the photo and enlarged it, and it appears to me that the photos of the children have been pasted into the photograph of the Americans. The image of the child in front appears to have been lying on a pink blanket as it doesn’t match the concrete or pavement. Another child is lying with one hand under his head and the other between his legs as he sleeps on his side. His article implies that these children were killed by the Americans and as you will see the photo came from an Arab site. He just used it in his article.
Thanks, Gaye, for the tip (and start blogging as soon as you're up to it). I have paid this ingrate, er blogger, a visit to comment and would encourage all who feel so inclined to follow in trace.

And finally ... here is a thought that will warm your heart or chill your bones, depending upon your political persuasion. I am starting to see the patterns emerging in the Bush presidency that I saw when he was our governor. That is, without a lot of fanfare and braggadocio, a lot got done (most of it behind the scenes) and the Democratic Party was relegated to the ash heap of Texas history. When the President hit the national campaign trail, one of the few remaining big-time Demos here (Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock) was actively campaigning for him.

Now, Pres. Bush is rumored to be considering two more Demo senators (Nelson and Lieberman) from states with Republican governors for cabinet posts ... for a potential 57-42 Republican advantage in the Senate. The Republicans have gained seats in Congress in each election since Pres. Bush was the Republican nominee. So, with 2006 on the horizon, the economy on the mend, and jihadis on the run, what will become of the Demos? Their shrill cries portend more looniness, methinks.

Here's hoping they become as relevant in Washington as they are in Austin.

See you all Monday.