Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's a Beautiful Day

Well, kudos to Kerry for at least preparing to concede ... will believe it when I see it. I see he just moved his speech back an hour. Folks, I am tired, dead-dog tired, spent ... what a ride yesterday was. I was contacting people in Michigan, Ohio, hitting my email contacts to keep the faith in the face of bogus exit polls. It was nerve-wracking, maddening, and infuriating, but when your side comes out on top in the big one, all is well.

I need to take a couple of days to decompress and get ready for the next chapter here. This weekend I am going to write about what I think yesterday's election means. But for now, I have a few thoughts that won't wait:

First, to all of you who have been gracious enough to visit this space and read my thoughts in this election run ... and provide your insightful and encouraging comments, and respond to my challenges/calls for action ... thank you very much.

Next, I am so proud of America today. I am overwhelmed at how good and decent this nation is. I was so proud of the Ohioans standing in the rain to vote ... of the millions, yes millions, of volunteers who made the President's re-election possible ... of the President and his incredible class and graciousness ... and of the amazing skill and competence of his staff and campaign. There are so, so many people to thank and recognize. We can never do it. And I am thankful to God. I have talked to Him a lot over the past couple of days. Still, I am steaming mad about something today.

It is hard for me to contain my anger at the shameless, dishonest coverage of the MSM (and I include Fox News in this) of yesterday's election. The bogus exit polling bears an investigation -- perhaps congressional -- of some sort. Jay Cost, the Horserace Blogger, pointed out the unbelievable "non-call" of Ohio by some media while others called Ohio but not Nevada. All of this was apparently designed to keep the President below 270 EV's and accordingly keep the pressure off of Kerry while he pondered his options. Fox called Nevada this a.m. immediately after word came out of Kerry's call to the President. Amazing.

The timing of the calls of states as a whole last night was egregiously unfair, misleading, and wrong. New Jersey (7 points) immediately but forever for South Carolina (16 points)? PA (lower margin than Ohio), but not Ohio? I am convinced that this was designed to do what the MSM tried to do with Florida in 2000 -- but only in reverse. But, too bad. It didn't work. When I get some rest, I am going to write my man Brit Hume and let Fox have a piece of Daisy's fertile mind.

And, oh yeah ... I told you John Zogby ( was the Demos' little cheerleader. He has been completely discredited. Indeed, his predictions were the result of raw partisan prejudice. He called this election for Kerry way back during the summer, and he did his best to try and bring it about to the end. Go see if he still has his ridculous predictions posted. He was saying (probably because of the horrific exit polls that he was getting) that Virginia was "tied". What a joke. Pay no attention any more to that little man behind the curtain.

Regarding reputable polls, Pew and Battleground did the best job of polling on the national level. I suspected that Gallup's state numbers (even the Bush +4 number in PA) were garbage. They were. Mason-Dixon was very, very good on the state level. Jay Cost told us all of this. And ... based upon Jay's impeccable analysis, I called a 4-5 point margin of victory for the Prez. I was a lot closer than Zogby. Thanks, Jay. Personally, I am still overwhelmed by the 3.5 million vote margin for the President. Big, big ... big. Most votes ever for a presidential candidate, and it was done with, and perhaps because of, high turnout. Oh, I forgot ... Does the Left like the Electoral College or not?

Summary of the upcoming take: The National Security/Culture Coalition

The MSM is dismayed today to learn that the issues driving yesterday's incredible rebuke of the Democrats were: 1) national security; and 2) moral issues. I could have told them that, but a lot of the MSM and their leftist allies think that people like me are just bigoted neanderthals, so what do we know? Actually and ironically, it's the other way around.

But ... I want to leave you with the following summary of what I think this election means: America's foreign enemies, acting in concert with the hard Left (I don't mean all Democrats or even liberals ... I mean the Anybody-but-Bush, America-can-do-no-right, Christians-are-no-better-than-OBL crowd) have unwittingly created an indefatigable national/cultural security coalition that will doom these enemies of America to defeat.

I will expand on this, probably this weekend. In the meantime, consider and discuss. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous, you press on. To the rest of you ... high five, thank God and celebrate responsibly.

Semper Fidelis


Check this out this spin from the Demos' little cheerleader, who has, by the way removed his very accurate pre-election calls from his site:

“We feel strongly that our pre-election polls were accurate on virtually every state. Our predictions on many of the key battleground states like Ohio and Florida [I was a little Demo cheerleader and I was hoping we would win both ... but Florida was a razor-thin 300,000 votes ... and I was enough of a moron to think that Kerry had a prayer in any southern state] were within the margin of error. I thought we captured a trend, but apparently [Well, actually ... or is it apparenly ... a few million votes is within the margin of error, you know] that result didn’t materialize.

“We always saw a close race, and a close race is what we’ve got. [Or ... that's what I was hoping for ... and protracted litigation, too] I’ve called this the Armageddon Election for some time—a closely-divided electorate with high partisan intensity on each side.

"(more from Zogby coming soon…)

"Zogby International Finds: Bush at 49.4%, Kerry at 49.1%
The telephone poll of 955 likely voters was conducted (November 1-2, 2004). The MOE is +/- 3.2"

Part added in brackets is humor/analysis by me. Go ahead and laugh at Zogby. It's a normal and appropriate reaction to the foregoing. Like Curly hitting Moe in the face with a pie. Like Joycelyn Elders talking about ... anything. Like Tom Brokaw admitting that the President won Ohio. Like Kerry on the tarmac with a football. Like Kerry on the tarmac with a baseball. Like Kerry in a "Red Socks" hat ... Laugh.

It's a beautiful day.