Sunday, November 28, 2004

Holiday Housekeeping ...

Back from the "Holy Land"

Greetings. Back from my pilgrimage to Austin. Mission Accomplished. And there will be no Aggie insurgency, either. At least not until next Thanksgiving. It was a great trip. Took my father-in-law with me, too. It was his first trip to Memorial Stadium in 27 years. Suffice it to say, things were a bit different than the last trip. But he was a great sport and seemed to have a great time.

We were right next to the A&M section/sliver of fans, so we got in a nice bit of good-natured heckling (mono-syllabic, of course, to ensure Aggie comprehension). I told my father-in-law, "You've been away nearly three decades and now I've brought you back to the front lines. You're so close, you can see the whites of their eyes."

I don't know if you watched the game on TV, but it was like old-time Longhorn football. We simply pounded them with the running game until they gave out. And our defense was superb. The Aggies' sensational QB Reggie McNeal was harassed the entire second half and was sacked eight times on the day. His last four offensive plays were three straight sacks and an interception. The crowd noise was the loudest that I have ever heard at the stadium.

My boys had a great time. My 11-year-old found a high-five buddy in front of us, and they had a rollicking good time in the second half. Each great Longhorn play ... starting with the pivotal blocked punt ... resulted in a string of high-fives. Hence, my son experienced the in-game brotherhood beyond our family for the first time. My oldest (14) kept the faith throughout. Ah, youth. After the devastating 98-yard fumble return by A&M for a TD just before the half, he told me, "I am still 90% sure we are going to win." I wasn't. But I am glad he was right.

Time keeps on slippin', slippin' into the future ...

I see that the Salvation Army is still exiled from Target, who is hiding behind some lame anti-solicitation policy. Check out Hugh Hewitt to keep up with the effort to get Target to come correct here. As for me, the boycott is on until further notice.

And ... over the weekend, I see that they found some more non-existent chemical weapons, this time in Fallujah. Must have been planted by the same people that hacked into the voting machines in Florida and Ohio. And ... Zarqawi is pleading for help and allies? Martyrs wanted? Maybe he has gotten some reports back from the departed who have in fact confirmed that there are indeed 72 Virginians waiting.

Spent a lot of time talking politics with my sage father-in-law over the weekend, and he thinks: a) the MSM is coming after Bush in the way they went after Nixon in his second term; and b) the Russians are consolidating power (i.e., Ukraine) and reversing "reforms" that were never really made. Let's keep a sharp eye out and hope and pray the sage is proven wrong and/or we can head off either development.

On the horizon

I realize that I need to refresh some of the Cutter SOP. Will do. Maybe not till around the first of the year. Also, I still plan to reveal my identity to those who care. And ... I will try to get into some sort of a rhythm going forward. The every day crush of the election is now past us, but a lot of work remains to be done. Trying to figure how to balance all of this.

Also, I am considering a new name for the blog. Thoughts? Would you love me as a non-Daisy?

Hey, I am off to blue California for a couple of days .... See you on Wednesday.