Thursday, November 11, 2004

Daisy's Veteran's Day Greetings

On this Veteran's Day, I send out my greetings and best wishes to all my fellow veterans ... even those who weren't in the USMC. Just kidding. As my USMC uncle used to say to my USN dad, "The USMC is just "part" of the Navy ... the fighting part." Okay, it's all in fun. We are all vets and more importantly all Americans.

Incidentally, the President has declared this entire week as "Veterans' Awareness Week", so get to know more about veterans this week. If you have school-age children, how about encouraging them to interview a veteran and find out the story about that veteran's military service? A girl in our church recently interviewed me for a school project and I think we both enjoyed it very much.

The only regret today ... My brothers are after it in Iraq and I am here stuck behind a desk and a keyboard. But I send out my prayers for their success.

Semper Fidelis