Monday, November 01, 2004

Daisy Asks a Favor ...

One thing I would like to ask as we head down to the wire here ... I know I have asked before, and this may be it for awhile. But I think this is important.

Check out the the Campaign of One. It has a simple premise: Personal contact from some one you know regarding the election matters. I want to encourage you to send at least one email to the people on your contacts list who may need a bit of encouragement to understand either: a) why they need to vote for Pres. Bush; or b) why they need to get to the polls if they are supporting Pres. Bush. A call is even better. If you are not sure if they need encouragement, assume that they do. Studies show that TODAY IS THE DAY TO DO IT.

We saw in 2000 how each vote matters. The polls are showing a close race that will depend on turnout. If we turnout and vote like our national security depends on this election (you know it does, if you have been reading this site), then the President should be re-elected. If we take this race for granted or we let the MSM spin machine depress us and our turnout, the President loses. It's that simple.

So ... get that email out now.

Thanks and Semper Fidelis ...