Thursday, November 11, 2004

Another Values Message to Demos ... from the Middle

I read another great column detailing the deep problems facing the Demos. This broad side on values comes from the Mort "the Man in the Middle" Kondracke. Mort and I have some differences, but he is a fellow worth listening to and his column is worth reading.

Here is my favorite passage:
"What I am saying is that Democrats need to understand where Evangelicals are coming from, what George Bush's faith is all about and stop being either terrified by or (often) bigoted against what they imagine conservative Christians are all about.

A prime example of condescending bigotry was the widely read Oct. 17 New York Times Magazine hatchet-job against Bush, "Without a Doubt," by Ron Suskind, which likened Bush's "faith-based presidency" to the Islamic extremist movement.

If fair-minded secular Democrats went to church - they are open to the public, by the way - here's some of what they'd learn: Lesson No. 1: Far more than abortion, evolution or homosexuality, Evangelical Christianity is about love, redemption, forgiveness, charity, humility, hope and self-sacrifice.

The best Evangelicals I know truly change lives - they turn around people who are addicted to drugs and pornography. They give the despairing and the guilt-ridden reason to persevere. They restore marriages. They transform criminals in prison.

They try to follow Jesus, who, if they studied him a little, no Democrat could possibly be scared of. I think this is what Bush's faith is all about - not arrogance or mindless certitude, but humility and a sense of duty."
Well said. Let's welcome Mort to the right-wing extremist camp. If the Left knows they are right, is it still bigotry?