Sunday, November 28, 2004

Holiday Housekeeping ...

Back from the "Holy Land"

Greetings. Back from my pilgrimage to Austin. Mission Accomplished. And there will be no Aggie insurgency, either. At least not until next Thanksgiving. It was a great trip. Took my father-in-law with me, too. It was his first trip to Memorial Stadium in 27 years. Suffice it to say, things were a bit different than the last trip. But he was a great sport and seemed to have a great time.

We were right next to the A&M section/sliver of fans, so we got in a nice bit of good-natured heckling (mono-syllabic, of course, to ensure Aggie comprehension). I told my father-in-law, "You've been away nearly three decades and now I've brought you back to the front lines. You're so close, you can see the whites of their eyes."

I don't know if you watched the game on TV, but it was like old-time Longhorn football. We simply pounded them with the running game until they gave out. And our defense was superb. The Aggies' sensational QB Reggie McNeal was harassed the entire second half and was sacked eight times on the day. His last four offensive plays were three straight sacks and an interception. The crowd noise was the loudest that I have ever heard at the stadium.

My boys had a great time. My 11-year-old found a high-five buddy in front of us, and they had a rollicking good time in the second half. Each great Longhorn play ... starting with the pivotal blocked punt ... resulted in a string of high-fives. Hence, my son experienced the in-game brotherhood beyond our family for the first time. My oldest (14) kept the faith throughout. Ah, youth. After the devastating 98-yard fumble return by A&M for a TD just before the half, he told me, "I am still 90% sure we are going to win." I wasn't. But I am glad he was right.

Time keeps on slippin', slippin' into the future ...

I see that the Salvation Army is still exiled from Target, who is hiding behind some lame anti-solicitation policy. Check out Hugh Hewitt to keep up with the effort to get Target to come correct here. As for me, the boycott is on until further notice.

And ... over the weekend, I see that they found some more non-existent chemical weapons, this time in Fallujah. Must have been planted by the same people that hacked into the voting machines in Florida and Ohio. And ... Zarqawi is pleading for help and allies? Martyrs wanted? Maybe he has gotten some reports back from the departed who have in fact confirmed that there are indeed 72 Virginians waiting.

Spent a lot of time talking politics with my sage father-in-law over the weekend, and he thinks: a) the MSM is coming after Bush in the way they went after Nixon in his second term; and b) the Russians are consolidating power (i.e., Ukraine) and reversing "reforms" that were never really made. Let's keep a sharp eye out and hope and pray the sage is proven wrong and/or we can head off either development.

On the horizon

I realize that I need to refresh some of the Cutter SOP. Will do. Maybe not till around the first of the year. Also, I still plan to reveal my identity to those who care. And ... I will try to get into some sort of a rhythm going forward. The every day crush of the election is now past us, but a lot of work remains to be done. Trying to figure how to balance all of this.

Also, I am considering a new name for the blog. Thoughts? Would you love me as a non-Daisy?

Hey, I am off to blue California for a couple of days .... See you on Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Giving Thanks

Well, I'm off to give thanks ... actually off to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. The highlight of the Thanksgiving weekend will lead me to football heaven -- DKR Royal-Memorial Stadium in Austin as my beloved Horns host the Evil Ones from College Station. Taking my two boys (14 and 11). Will be their first UT-A&M football war. We should be close enough to the A&M section to land some good barbs. I will try to tone down the poly-syllabic words so the Ags can understand.

But ... first things first. Thanksgiving arrives, and as the holiday stress approaches, I sometimes find it hard to keep focus. But ... I have much to be thankful for. I have already dispensed my election thanks. Generally, this has been a great month that has reminded us of our blessings as Americans. I know a lot of Democrats are disappointed, but I am thankful for those who love America and are moving on.

I am thankful more every day for Pres. Bush, who appears to be gearing up for an electric second term of action. The man is a progressive, compassionate conservative. Social security, tax reform, remaking the Middle East, smokin' out jihadis ... Iran ... N. Korea ... Bring it on.

I am grateful for our amazing fighting men in Iraq, a new generation of heroes and making prior generations proud.

I am thankful just be an American in these exciting times.

I am thankful to all of you who stop by and give me your thoughts.

I am thankful for the incredible, thoughtful talent out here in the 'sphere. It inspires and challenges me. This reminds me. I have really appreciated Hugh Hewitt through this entire fall campaign season. He is truly an incredible talent and all-around great guy. So, I am especially thankful for Hugh.

I am thankful for my family. They/we may not be perfect, but they are mine and thus "just right".

And all of the foregoing are thanks offered to God, for he gives me each day, every breath, every movement, every key stroke, every thought ... every thing. God help me to remember this and live with grace. I am trying to do this more each day. This doesn't mean I won't have fun with moonbats ... but it's good to know Who owns me.

Since I am heading off to the hinterlands, I won't look at a computer screen until Saturday or Sunday. So, I will be back on Monday. So, both of you behave.

Thankfully yours,

Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm back ... but work intervenes/interferes. Alas, the perils of a red-stater. Tomorrow night, I hope to post some Thanksgiving Day thoughts.

I thought Pres. Bush's Chilean altercation this weekend was really instructive and ... inspiring. The Commander-in-Chief (you remember, the AWOL guy who "dodged" the draft, et al., according to the Moonbat partisans) jumps into a fracas and rescues his secret service agent. Classic. A little risky indeed, but ... think the Chileans will mess with Pres. Bush's security detail again?

Those who want a glimpse into why so many of us love Pres. Bush ... there it was.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Rev. Hughes is a fraud!

I just had to get that off my chest. Okay, heading out of town this weekend to MC a retreat ... "How We Hacked our Way to Victory in '04 ... and Using our Computers to Create a Super-Majority in '08" ... Just kidding, but I am MCing a church retreat this weekend. Will be a blast. I will miss my computer and you, though.

Here are a few items to mull over and .... take action as appropriate:

1) Check out Hugh Hewitt's expose and campaign to get Target to come correct on Salvation Army kettles, which have been inexplicably banned from Target stores. Hugh has info up on how you can contact Target. I have contacted Target and would encourage you to do the same. The Salvation Army is a super organization that makes a tangible difference in the lives of people in need. I know, people like me only care what you are doing in your bedroom, but humor me.

2) Re: the tin foil hat Ohio recount brigade, check out this. Tip o' the cover to Bill in DC. The Leftists who denigrate our system for raw partisan purposes may need to rely upon the integrity of our system some day. They don't care. It's all about their current partisan adventure.

3) Re: the young Marine who put two security rounds in the head of a jihadi feigning death, see the email from his comrade. The mitigating circumstances need not even be explained, says Froggy. Bottom line: Terrorists fighting inside a mosque and not in military uniform are outside the protections of the Geneva Convention. Our troops are in a difficult bind here and should only be disciplined if they do not follow their rules of engagement. No evidence of that. Real, real bottom line: NBC should not be following our troops in Fallujah. War is ugly.

4) Speaking of Fallujah ... check out this email I got from our friend Gaye Hager, of Aging Divas for Bush:
I ran across a blog early this week that really got me riled up by one of the articles posted on the site. I responded, got into a pretty heated dispute with the guy and in my last comment posted some facts about John Kerry that no one could dispute; however, they were contrary to all his beliefs, so he removed all my comments from his site, which is his right to do. However, something about the photograph that was posted with the article kept nagging me, so I checked it out this evening and I believe it is a “doctored” photo. Check it out (American Muckraker) at the article titled, Fallujah Body Count. The children shown in the photograph are bandaged from some injury, dispelling the idea that they were injured or killed by the Americans shown in the photo. I saved the photo and enlarged it, and it appears to me that the photos of the children have been pasted into the photograph of the Americans. The image of the child in front appears to have been lying on a pink blanket as it doesn’t match the concrete or pavement. Another child is lying with one hand under his head and the other between his legs as he sleeps on his side. His article implies that these children were killed by the Americans and as you will see the photo came from an Arab site. He just used it in his article.
Thanks, Gaye, for the tip (and start blogging as soon as you're up to it). I have paid this ingrate, er blogger, a visit to comment and would encourage all who feel so inclined to follow in trace.

And finally ... here is a thought that will warm your heart or chill your bones, depending upon your political persuasion. I am starting to see the patterns emerging in the Bush presidency that I saw when he was our governor. That is, without a lot of fanfare and braggadocio, a lot got done (most of it behind the scenes) and the Democratic Party was relegated to the ash heap of Texas history. When the President hit the national campaign trail, one of the few remaining big-time Demos here (Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock) was actively campaigning for him.

Now, Pres. Bush is rumored to be considering two more Demo senators (Nelson and Lieberman) from states with Republican governors for cabinet posts ... for a potential 57-42 Republican advantage in the Senate. The Republicans have gained seats in Congress in each election since Pres. Bush was the Republican nominee. So, with 2006 on the horizon, the economy on the mend, and jihadis on the run, what will become of the Demos? Their shrill cries portend more looniness, methinks.

Here's hoping they become as relevant in Washington as they are in Austin.

See you all Monday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Actually on the air: Message from Demo Televangelist ...

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I caught this Democrat televangelist, the Rev. Val Hughes yesterday, broadcasting from his plush studios in Arkansas. I thought at first that he was a typical TV evangelist type, but his comments were a little different than some of his brethren on the right. I took the following down (I've transcribed phonetically ... for proper translation):

Friends, I woke up on Nov. 3 after th' lexion, and I will tell you, I saw it. I mean IT. I saw it when Jawn Kerry conceded. Brother John gave up, but we Democrats ... who are the party of values ... are not giving up. I saw it just as clear as the telee-prawmpter in front of me right now. The Republicans have stolen the values issue from us ... the Democrats ... who have always stood for values. We just ain't got the message out, people. I mean, dang, it's there. They stole values just like that Karl Rove -- and that is one evil, eeeevil man, people-- and his demonic minions hacked into the voting machines in Florida and Ohio to steal this 'lexion. The Bible says plain as day that stealin' is wrong. But the Republicans call themselves the party of values?

Lookie here. I have told you here on this program many times that the only thing between the pore and the pure is "u". And the the only thing between black people and the back of the B-U-S is "U-S". We are the party of values. And schoolin'. Them Republicans talk about the homosexuals tyin' the knot, abortion, the Pledge-a-'Legience and all them sorts of die-versions. But we know Jesus didn't come here to force people to do nothin'. He came to help poor people, to provide free medicine, soshicurity, and public schools. Look at all of them schools and hospitals named after churches. Why, you ask? Because the Bible says so, that's why. Jesus didn't say a word about no homosexual nuptials.

And war. Jesus said, "Blessed are peacemakers, diplomats and such". Jesus would not have voted for the $87 Billion. He did not favor war or no crusades. Moses said when he came down with the tablets, "Don't kill nobody." That's pretty clear: "Nobody". So ... how do the Republicans get off callin' themselves the party of values? Well, I will tell you they are not the party of Val Hughes. I am not standin' for it no more.

Rev. Hughes continued on, saying something about Moses "scolding the Israelis" when he came down from "that mountain in The Ten Commandments", but the "golden calf-worshipping Republicans blindly support the Israelis to this day" any way. He hit other hot button values issues, but you get the point of his scathing indictment. It is sure to fire up the Demos' values voter base.

John Kerry may have conceded "th' 'lexion", but the Demos are not going to concede the values issue to the Republicans any more. Now that the battle over values has been so ably joined, the Republicans had better be ready with a response.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Another Extremist's Views on Supporting the President

Some on the lunatic fringe are still blasting the President over Iraq, even as our troops are bravely and skillfully battling the jihadis in Fallujah and elsewhere. But consider the following thoughts on the President's efforts in Iraq:
I think this is a moment — the president won. He got 3.5 million votes more than John Kerry. He's got an agenda. Most important of all, he's our commander in chief in the war on terror and the war in Iraq.

And it's time for us, including Democrats, to acknowledge that there are very few of us who have a policy going forward other than the one the president has. So let's support it. Let's increase the capability of the Iraqi military, get them ready for elections, to self-govern, and establish a self-governing democracy in the Middle East, which will be one of the greatest things we can do in the war on terror.
Is the foregoing too extreme? Can't sign on? If you don't like it, take it up with the fanatical Joe Lieberman. He said it. Not me.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Another Values Message to Demos ... from the Middle

I read another great column detailing the deep problems facing the Demos. This broad side on values comes from the Mort "the Man in the Middle" Kondracke. Mort and I have some differences, but he is a fellow worth listening to and his column is worth reading.

Here is my favorite passage:
"What I am saying is that Democrats need to understand where Evangelicals are coming from, what George Bush's faith is all about and stop being either terrified by or (often) bigoted against what they imagine conservative Christians are all about.

A prime example of condescending bigotry was the widely read Oct. 17 New York Times Magazine hatchet-job against Bush, "Without a Doubt," by Ron Suskind, which likened Bush's "faith-based presidency" to the Islamic extremist movement.

If fair-minded secular Democrats went to church - they are open to the public, by the way - here's some of what they'd learn: Lesson No. 1: Far more than abortion, evolution or homosexuality, Evangelical Christianity is about love, redemption, forgiveness, charity, humility, hope and self-sacrifice.

The best Evangelicals I know truly change lives - they turn around people who are addicted to drugs and pornography. They give the despairing and the guilt-ridden reason to persevere. They restore marriages. They transform criminals in prison.

They try to follow Jesus, who, if they studied him a little, no Democrat could possibly be scared of. I think this is what Bush's faith is all about - not arrogance or mindless certitude, but humility and a sense of duty."
Well said. Let's welcome Mort to the right-wing extremist camp. If the Left knows they are right, is it still bigotry?

Daisy's Veteran's Day Greetings

On this Veteran's Day, I send out my greetings and best wishes to all my fellow veterans ... even those who weren't in the USMC. Just kidding. As my USMC uncle used to say to my USN dad, "The USMC is just "part" of the Navy ... the fighting part." Okay, it's all in fun. We are all vets and more importantly all Americans.

Incidentally, the President has declared this entire week as "Veterans' Awareness Week", so get to know more about veterans this week. If you have school-age children, how about encouraging them to interview a veteran and find out the story about that veteran's military service? A girl in our church recently interviewed me for a school project and I think we both enjoyed it very much.

The only regret today ... My brothers are after it in Iraq and I am here stuck behind a desk and a keyboard. But I send out my prayers for their success.

Semper Fidelis

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dr. O: A Powerful Voice for the Coalition of the Winning

Looked at one of my favorite Forward Observers today -- World Magazine Blog -- and I saw that my Hero Professor, Dr. Marvin Olasky (his columns are linked under "Command and Control"), has a great post about Arlen Specter. Check it out.

I don't know that I agree with Dr. Olasky that Specter should be denied the Judiciary Committee Chairmanship. However, he makes the broader point that I made here on Monday... and better ... that coalition is the way to go for conservatives of all stripes (especially evangelicals) to consolidate gains and make further gains down the road.

Happy Birthday Marines!!

Happy 229th to the finest fighting force in the history of the world. It's appropriate that we take today to pause and remember our Marines. Pray for their safety and success in Fallujah.

Semper Fidelis

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Left Attacks Christian "Fanatics" ... Coddles Dangerous Fanatics

Came across this jewel on the web today, from the head of "Liberals for Bush", Christopher Hitchens:
So here is what I want to say on the absolutely crucial matter of secularism. Only one faction in American politics has found itself able to make excuses for the kind of religious fanaticism that immediately menaces us in the here and now. And that faction, I am sorry and furious to say, is the left. From the first day of the immolation of the World Trade Center, right down to the present moment, a gallery of pseudointellectuals has been willing to represent the worst face of Islam as the voice of the oppressed. How can these people bear to reread their own propaganda? Suicide murderers in Palestine—disowned and denounced by the new leader of the PLO—described as the victims of "despair." The forces of al-Qaida and the Taliban represented as misguided spokespeople for antiglobalization. The blood-maddened thugs in Iraq, who would rather bring down the roof on a suffering people than allow them to vote, pictured prettily as "insurgents" or even, by Michael Moore, as the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers. If this is liberal secularism, I'll take a modest, God-fearing, deer-hunting Baptist from Kentucky every time, as long as he didn't want to impose his principles on me (which our Constitution forbids him to do).
Read the whole, magnificent column. Aw, Hitchens must be just some, half-wit, right-wing, nut job ... land locked in one of those asset-suckin' red states ... oh, that's me.

Regardless of whether one agrees with Hitchens, I must ask: Is he the best writer around today? If not, who's better?

Over ...

Monday, November 08, 2004

What it all means: The Cutter Coalition Rules

Well, just about every one has chimed in by now on what the President's re-election means. I must say, I have got to stop reading the Demo self-flagellation pieces. I am enjoying them too much. As each day passes, they add more venom. It seemingly takes very little time for things to return to normal.

And let me say a word to the conservatives that want to help the Democrats by telling them to go to the center and stop being Leftist madmen: Stop. You are wasting your time. Let them go. They are going to go there any way. Evan Bayh, Bill Richardson, and Joe Lieberman have proven that they don't have chance nationally with the Demos. Centrist Demos are out of the mainstream. Accept this fact.

Studies by our crack research department here have shown that people don't like the lengthy posts, so I will focus on being pithy in putting this together. Here are my thoughts:

The Winning Coalition: Security, Culture, Liberty

The Republicans have become a majority party by emphasizing the above three themes. In this election, security and culture were paramount, while liberty (primarily due to increased spending by the Bush Administration) took a secondary role. As long as Republicans can keep the security, culture, and liberty wings happy and involved, the Demos' numbers will continue to shrink. As long as security is at the forefront, Demos are especially in trouble.

A quick word about culture: I am a cultural conservative. However, this election to me was first and foremost about national security. Without security, our culture debates can quickly become theoretical. The MSM and other liberals so misunderstand why cultural conservatives came to the polls in droves. The gay "marriage" issue was a factor, but there was much more out there: partial birth abortion ... embryonic stem cell research ... Kerry's pandering on issues of faith ... etc. The MSM thinks it is about just gay rights, but it is much more.

The Left declared this "Culture War", too, with its in-your-face advocacy of anything-goes morality and Christians-are-idiots theology. This has continued post-election. Again, don't expect them to change. This is their creed. Thus, as the jihadis sealed their doom by waking America on 9/11, the Left will spiral further into irrelevance with its attack upon traditional values and faith.

Caveat: Our coalition has to be tolerant and flexible ... if not, we're Democrats

Another quick thought: Each member of the security/culture/liberty coalition has got to be tolerant of the others. This is what separates the Republicans from the Demos ... i.e., you can't be pro-life in the national Democrat Party. Republicans need to continue to tolerate dissent, as long as it is respectful. That is, if some one is so pro-abortion that he or she can't suffer those of us fools who are pro-life, then said person is a Democrat.

And ... for those Christians who seek perfect candidates, let me remind you that perfect candidates are like perfect churches: If you find one, don't join it. You'll ruin it. If you insist upon perfection this side of heaven, then vote for an imperfect third-party candidate or do the functional equivalent -- throw your ballot in the trash.

Other lessons learned and myths debunked ...

First, the President won, in spite of an unhinged, pro-Kerry onslaught and a year-long Bush bash. The war clearly didn't proceed as planned. The Demos ultimately had more money. Kerry did well in the first debate. But the President won by 3.5 million votes. How? As Maha pointed out today, the President ran a conservative campaign and the Republicans turned out the vote. This is why we won.

And also ... besides the Redskins' deal (who believes this stuff, any way ... people in D.C.?), we can finally say "good night" to the ol' Demo stand by: "You Republicans better pray for low turnout".

And ding dong, the MSM is dead, or at least defanged. Can you imagine the influence of the blogosphere in '08? Plus, remember that there are large swaths of America (mostly rural) where internet access is sparce. Yes ... it could get much worse for the MSM and their candidates. Also ... the country and electoral votes continue to migrate from blue to red. It won't affect the '08 election, but 2012 ... yes, indeed.

Perhaps most importantly ... and we are seeing the results of this right now ... lots of jihadis will personally test the "72 virgins" theorem over the next four years. Recall that the Bush Administration only fought this war for 3/4 of its first term, and 3/4 of al Qaeda is gone. With four years, the future looks promising indeed.

And finally ... Hillary in '08. This will be good. I am building my defensive positions right now. And whistling while I work.

Seen any jihadi videos out today?

Pray for our brave troops that are taking care of business in Fallujah at this very hour. My "what this means" column will probably be out soon. Been tired.

I see the Demo secondary implosions continue ... Arlen Specter backtracks ... and we Bush supporters are being called "ignorant", "dumb", full of "blood lust". All of this means we have won a decisive victory. Enjoy it ... and get ready to move out.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Thanks ...

After a bit of reflection, Daisy sends heartfelt thanks to the following for the tremendous election results:

Zell "Spit Wad" Miller ... the Swift Vets, who turned this thing around in August ... Football Fans for Truth ... every one who donated 25 bucks ... Hugh Hewitt and the other forward observers ... "my unit" ... my pastor's wife, who went to Minnesota in a valiant GOP GOTV effort ... Dan Rather, for reminding us of how unfair the MSM is ... LGF for breaking the fake docs story ... the whole Pajamahadeen army ... whoever was responsible for those exit polls and the excruciating, crushing loss that faith in such tripe caused the Demos ... the woman at the second debate who asked question about embryonic stem cell research ... the voter at the 2nd debate who reminded us how "wishy-washy" Kerry is ... people driving Amish to the polls in PA ... Ohio voters in the rain ... the Marine west of Fallujah who voted for the President because losing the Prez would be "like replacing star QB before the big game" ... Michael Moore, for everything he did to energize the base (ours) and for delivering the youth and "slacker" vote ... Dick Morris, Phil Hendrie, Ed Koch, Christopher Hitchens, and all the other Bush/Zell Miller Democrats who put country before party ... Karl Rove, the Architect ... Mark McKinnon, who put together "Wolves", the best political ad in 20 years ... the entire Republican attack squad and GOTV effort ... Ken Mehlman ... OBL for hanging on through the election ... Iowa, for voting Republican for the first time since the Gipper ... New Mexico, for joining the Republican West ... Florida, for putting 2000 behind us and handing Kerry his *#$ ... Norman Schwarzkopf ... Tommy Franks ... did I say Ohio? ... Jay Cost ... Kerry Spot ... Communists for Kerry ... Rudy G. ... Curt "Vote Bush" Schilling ... Brett Favre ... Sean Hannity... the ellipsis ... The Great Maha, King Kong himself -- Rush -- who started and still leads the new media ... Arnold ... every one who read the Cutter and did something (good) about it ... the brilliant folks who put gay "marriage" resolutions on the ballot ... the brilliant Leftists who keep needing to push the cultural envelope ... Sinclair Broadcasting and the vets in "Stolen Honor" ... "Quick Draw" WV, for being a swing state no more ... Virginia, for hitting Moe Zogby in the face with a pie ... John Kerry's tongue, for uttering "global test" and "I voted for it before I voted against it" ... every Bush voter that contributed to the popular vote majority and win ... the military and their families ... cultural conservatives ... South Dakota, for voting like they believe ... the South ... Catholics for voting like they believe ... Hispanics, for voting like they believe ... the new black voters for Bush ... the brilliant lawyer in SD who filed a lawsuit on Daschle's behalf the night before the polls opened ... the valiant voters and workers in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota ... evangelicals, for coming back to the polls ... Kerry's strategerists who kept the focus on Iraq ... Hawaii ... the NY Times for breaking the "missing explosives" story ... the Clintonistas ... Kerry, for playing football on the tarmac ... Kerry, for playing baseball on the tarmac ... Kerry for windsurfing ... Kerry, for throwing out that first pitch at Fenway and inspiring my daughters to play baseball ... the inventor of the camera (see foregoing) ... Mary Cheney, for her class and support of the Prez ... Mary Cheney's dad, the best VP ever ... to the unknown Bush volunteers who inspired others, who inspired others ... the awesome, fabulous, and classy Texan Laura Bush, the best first lady, maybe ever ... Toe-Razor, for her incisive wit and the tongue to deliver it ... Texas ... did I say Texas? ... the Gipper ... ... George W. Bush ... God.

Did I leave any one out?

Over ...

P.S. Has CBS called the election for Pres. Bush yet?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Props to JR at the Texican Tattler (Homeys with Attitude), new members of the "Unit". JR got Daisy squared away, after I dorked up my template. The Homeys are linked to the right. Go check 'em out. I'm getting heavy on West Virginians and fellow Texans. Looks like I'm gearing up for a war.

I am going to post my election thank you's soon ... and my "what this election means" this weekend. The Cutter is being revamped and prepared for the "occupation", too. So ... stand by.

And lefties ... if you think the Cutter is going away, well, you must have been smoking the stuff that those exit polls were made of.

I messed up my sidebar margins, etc. If any one knows how to fix it ... pls advise. Otherwise, I will do it myself and it will look good about ... oh 2016 or so ...

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's a Beautiful Day

Well, kudos to Kerry for at least preparing to concede ... will believe it when I see it. I see he just moved his speech back an hour. Folks, I am tired, dead-dog tired, spent ... what a ride yesterday was. I was contacting people in Michigan, Ohio, hitting my email contacts to keep the faith in the face of bogus exit polls. It was nerve-wracking, maddening, and infuriating, but when your side comes out on top in the big one, all is well.

I need to take a couple of days to decompress and get ready for the next chapter here. This weekend I am going to write about what I think yesterday's election means. But for now, I have a few thoughts that won't wait:

First, to all of you who have been gracious enough to visit this space and read my thoughts in this election run ... and provide your insightful and encouraging comments, and respond to my challenges/calls for action ... thank you very much.

Next, I am so proud of America today. I am overwhelmed at how good and decent this nation is. I was so proud of the Ohioans standing in the rain to vote ... of the millions, yes millions, of volunteers who made the President's re-election possible ... of the President and his incredible class and graciousness ... and of the amazing skill and competence of his staff and campaign. There are so, so many people to thank and recognize. We can never do it. And I am thankful to God. I have talked to Him a lot over the past couple of days. Still, I am steaming mad about something today.

It is hard for me to contain my anger at the shameless, dishonest coverage of the MSM (and I include Fox News in this) of yesterday's election. The bogus exit polling bears an investigation -- perhaps congressional -- of some sort. Jay Cost, the Horserace Blogger, pointed out the unbelievable "non-call" of Ohio by some media while others called Ohio but not Nevada. All of this was apparently designed to keep the President below 270 EV's and accordingly keep the pressure off of Kerry while he pondered his options. Fox called Nevada this a.m. immediately after word came out of Kerry's call to the President. Amazing.

The timing of the calls of states as a whole last night was egregiously unfair, misleading, and wrong. New Jersey (7 points) immediately but forever for South Carolina (16 points)? PA (lower margin than Ohio), but not Ohio? I am convinced that this was designed to do what the MSM tried to do with Florida in 2000 -- but only in reverse. But, too bad. It didn't work. When I get some rest, I am going to write my man Brit Hume and let Fox have a piece of Daisy's fertile mind.

And, oh yeah ... I told you John Zogby ( was the Demos' little cheerleader. He has been completely discredited. Indeed, his predictions were the result of raw partisan prejudice. He called this election for Kerry way back during the summer, and he did his best to try and bring it about to the end. Go see if he still has his ridculous predictions posted. He was saying (probably because of the horrific exit polls that he was getting) that Virginia was "tied". What a joke. Pay no attention any more to that little man behind the curtain.

Regarding reputable polls, Pew and Battleground did the best job of polling on the national level. I suspected that Gallup's state numbers (even the Bush +4 number in PA) were garbage. They were. Mason-Dixon was very, very good on the state level. Jay Cost told us all of this. And ... based upon Jay's impeccable analysis, I called a 4-5 point margin of victory for the Prez. I was a lot closer than Zogby. Thanks, Jay. Personally, I am still overwhelmed by the 3.5 million vote margin for the President. Big, big ... big. Most votes ever for a presidential candidate, and it was done with, and perhaps because of, high turnout. Oh, I forgot ... Does the Left like the Electoral College or not?

Summary of the upcoming take: The National Security/Culture Coalition

The MSM is dismayed today to learn that the issues driving yesterday's incredible rebuke of the Democrats were: 1) national security; and 2) moral issues. I could have told them that, but a lot of the MSM and their leftist allies think that people like me are just bigoted neanderthals, so what do we know? Actually and ironically, it's the other way around.

But ... I want to leave you with the following summary of what I think this election means: America's foreign enemies, acting in concert with the hard Left (I don't mean all Democrats or even liberals ... I mean the Anybody-but-Bush, America-can-do-no-right, Christians-are-no-better-than-OBL crowd) have unwittingly created an indefatigable national/cultural security coalition that will doom these enemies of America to defeat.

I will expand on this, probably this weekend. In the meantime, consider and discuss. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous, you press on. To the rest of you ... high five, thank God and celebrate responsibly.

Semper Fidelis


Check this out this spin from the Demos' little cheerleader, who has, by the way removed his very accurate pre-election calls from his site:

“We feel strongly that our pre-election polls were accurate on virtually every state. Our predictions on many of the key battleground states like Ohio and Florida [I was a little Demo cheerleader and I was hoping we would win both ... but Florida was a razor-thin 300,000 votes ... and I was enough of a moron to think that Kerry had a prayer in any southern state] were within the margin of error. I thought we captured a trend, but apparently [Well, actually ... or is it apparenly ... a few million votes is within the margin of error, you know] that result didn’t materialize.

“We always saw a close race, and a close race is what we’ve got. [Or ... that's what I was hoping for ... and protracted litigation, too] I’ve called this the Armageddon Election for some time—a closely-divided electorate with high partisan intensity on each side.

"(more from Zogby coming soon…)

"Zogby International Finds: Bush at 49.4%, Kerry at 49.1%
The telephone poll of 955 likely voters was conducted (November 1-2, 2004). The MOE is +/- 3.2"

Part added in brackets is humor/analysis by me. Go ahead and laugh at Zogby. It's a normal and appropriate reaction to the foregoing. Like Curly hitting Moe in the face with a pie. Like Joycelyn Elders talking about ... anything. Like Tom Brokaw admitting that the President won Ohio. Like Kerry on the tarmac with a football. Like Kerry on the tarmac with a baseball. Like Kerry in a "Red Socks" hat ... Laugh.

It's a beautiful day.

As Daisy signs off ... all is good, as the President has won and the Demos have imploded

God bless President Bush. He is staying up all night to savor the victory and now ... he is going to go over and stick his finger in Kerry's eye for not conceding. Good for him.

Every minute that this goes on the Demos sink farther and farther into oblivion. Lord, grant my adversaries the wisdom to show who they really are.

Pres. Bush is nearly 4 million votes ahead in the popular vote. Kerry is nearly 150,000 behind in Ohio ... yet they press on. I hate to see the country put through this. Yet, if the Demos press on, at least we will receive the benefit of their permanent reduction to irrelevance.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Monday, November 01, 2004

Final Pre-Election Thoughts ...

Tomorrow I probably won't post much, if at all ... I will be watching the developments along with you. So, I will provide a few thoughts tonight, and then I'll add some pics later ... for inspiration.

First things first ... What do I think about tomorrow? Think I am going to predict defeat? That's the problem when you care so much. It is impossible to keep your heart out of the analysis. I said quite a while back that I did not think this election will be as close as a lot of the so-called experts think. I have had my doubts in the last few days, but the super analysis by The Horserace Blogger has really helped me to get some perspective. So, I am cautiously optimistic that, provided that Republicans do what they appear poised to do (turn out in greater numbers than they did in 2000), that the President will win. I think we are looking at a 4-5 point margin. Okay, I stole this from the Horserace Blogger, but ...

My analysis here really does come down to the two men themselves. People just like and trust Pres. Bush more. That's not just me talking. That is every poll that addresses the issue. In this time where national security issues (terrorism and Iraq) are at the forefront of the American political psyche, it also makes sense to me that people would vote for the candidate that they trust. Plus, no one likes Kerry and his base is animated by Bush hatred. This is not a good formula for success.

Lots going on in the news today. Too much to cover ... almost all good, though ... the job numbers for October good ... the OBL "Red State" threat is getting out there ... every one is talking about nat'l security and the President retains a solid lead among voters on this issue ... the DNC gets slapped down by Gen. Schwarzkopf for faking a Kerry endorsement by the general ... There's not much time for all of this to sink in, but it appears that events and the news cycle are drifting back the President's way as the polls open.

To track electoral votes tomorrow, check out this site. Thanks to American Warmonger for passing on the info.

Finally, I will sign off with this: I haven't been worth much lately around here. My kids understand somewhat what I am doing, but not really. Some day they might. Because this effort is for them. Our cause is to protect our country and preserve national security so that America is strong when my 14-year-old votes in the next presidential election and is eligible for military service. So ... this is for my kids ... literally.

Stay strong ...

Daisy Asks a Favor ...

One thing I would like to ask as we head down to the wire here ... I know I have asked before, and this may be it for awhile. But I think this is important.

Check out the the Campaign of One. It has a simple premise: Personal contact from some one you know regarding the election matters. I want to encourage you to send at least one email to the people on your contacts list who may need a bit of encouragement to understand either: a) why they need to vote for Pres. Bush; or b) why they need to get to the polls if they are supporting Pres. Bush. A call is even better. If you are not sure if they need encouragement, assume that they do. Studies show that TODAY IS THE DAY TO DO IT.

We saw in 2000 how each vote matters. The polls are showing a close race that will depend on turnout. If we turnout and vote like our national security depends on this election (you know it does, if you have been reading this site), then the President should be re-elected. If we take this race for granted or we let the MSM spin machine depress us and our turnout, the President loses. It's that simple.

So ... get that email out now.

Thanks and Semper Fidelis ...

After a whole campaign as a "war hero" ... no Form 180 ... and no Honorable Discharge?

Add the following to the appallingly dishonest efforts of the MSM to push Any Body But Bush (aka John Kerry) into the White House. I have always wondered why a "war hero" would not rush to make his entire record public. This, from the beginning, along with the sheer number of Swift Vets speaking out, led me to question Kerry's Viet Nam claims.

Now, on Election Eve, we find that it appears that Kerry was probably not even honorably discharged. Read Thomas Lipscomb's story for yourself and decide. Thanks to an assist from the Carnivorous Conservative, I saw Kerry's 1971 interview on C-Span which raised the discharge question in my mind. Then, we find that NBC has covered up another Kerry admission about his missing military records. Imagine if Pres. Bush had admitted that portions of his Nat'l Guard records were not public. But here, there is no reaction and no follow-up by NBC or any one else.

Add to this the fact that the media has not released the full OBL tape or reported that he specifically threatened US states that vote for Bush. Think that might be news?

It's an outrage. But what should we expect from those who share Kerry's same nihilistic, leftist view that has situational ethics as its moral bedrock?

We should expect ourselves to get juiced up and get our friends and neighbors and every one we know in swing states to the polls. That's all we should expect.

And we should remember that Kerry is "proud" of all that he said in "The New Soldier" about Viet Nam.

Final "New Soldier" Round-up

Kerry believed and believes that our form of government is not superior to communism or "benevolent dictatorship":
"... I think politically, historically, the one thing that people try to do, that society is structured on as a whole, is an attempt to satisy their felt needs, and you can satisfy those needs with almost any kind of political structure, giving it one name or the other. In this name it is democratic; in others it is communism; in others it is benevolent dictatorship. As long as those needs are satisfied, that structure will exist."
Also, Sen. Kerry, if elected, may very well advocate a rapid pullout from Iraq, as he did from Viet Nam. The reason for such a disasterous recommendation would be that, to Kerry, a pullout would have far less negative consequences than American intervention:
"... The war will continue. So what I'm saying is that yes, there will be some recrimination but far, far less than the 200,000 a year who are murdered [emphasis mine] by the United States of America ..."
Finally, make sure that all voters in your sphere of influence know that Kerry is "proud" of this accusation of our military:
"... [T]hey had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam ..."
For these egregious acts and for Kerry's lack of repentance alone, he is disqualified from serving as Commander-in-Chief.

Stand tall. Get out the vote. Pray. Go Pres. Bush.

Semper Fidelis